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Paradise Love 


Ulrich Seidl's Paradise: Love,  is the first in his trilogy of "paradise" films.  The film is based on the sex tourism industry in Kenya. It depicts the story of a female tourist Margarete Tiesel  as Teresa, a German house frau with a teenage daughter. Teresa goes on a trip to Kenya - a beautiful, unspoilt paradise location if there ever was one - where the main attraction for her are the Kenyan men who loiter on the beach, on the other side of a strictly patrolled demarcation line.


These men sell the white women trinkets, but Teresa's friend Teresas (Inge Maux) soon informs her that other things can be bought as well. Teresas has a young black man who dances for her, who she has taught to say the German equivalent of 'sexy beast' much to their mutual amusement. Teresa herself is insecure and unsure of the idea, but after a false start she begins to get a taste for it.


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